Never, Never, Never Give UpEdit

Never, Never, Never Give Up is a song from the 6th season. It is also referred to as Never, Never Give Up.


If you climb the highest mountain,

Cross the river deep,

Maybe you'll find it's never as easy

As it first appears, as it first appears

Just remember not to worry,

Or get down at heart

Never lose faith in positive thinking

You'll be amazed when you achieve

All the things you start,
all the things you start. So,


Never, never, never give up even though the going's tough

Don't stop trying, when you're tiring, and you're out of puff

No, never, never, never give up even though you're feeling rough

If at first you don't succeed, never, never, never give up

If at first you don't succeed, Then try and try again

Nothing in life is ever as easy

But you get there in the end, get there in the end

So blow your cares and woes behind you

Start a brand new day

Nothing can stop you reaching your goal

If you're determined, you can do it

You will find a way, you will find a way. So,


Some things seem impossible, answers hard to find

No matter how improbable, you won't know until you try

You can do whatever you choose it just takes a little luck

So remember never, never, never give up

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Never, never, never give up!

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